SD-WAN: The Future of Connectivity? [White paper]

Digital marketing and technology expert Dan Sodergren explores the possibilities of SD-WAN.

As a country that built some of the first railways, introduced the world to the Internet and powered the first industrial revolution we are familiar with taking on new ideas and new ways of thinking. The connectivity revolution is here but in order to embrace real change, do we need to step back in time? Do we need a more Victorian mindset?
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Digital Customer Experience (CX) in Financial Services [Whitepaper]

How financial services organisations can maintain a competitive edge.

Financial services institutions must have a solid customer experience (CX) strategy if they want to maintain a competitive edge. This will not only ensure that customer expectations are exceeding in today’s tech-driven world, but will also improve business processes and drive revenue.

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  • How you can better personalise your customers’ experience
  • How to keep up with regulatory compliance
  • About the latest demands in automation and AI in contact centres
  • How to integrate a mobile workforce and greater collaboration

Daisy Manufacturing Report 2018

Download our report to find out the key priorities and concerns for UK manufacturers.

In partnership with Mitel and in association with The Manufacturer, Daisy polled UK manufacturing businesses both small (less than 500 employees) and large (500+ employees) to find out their priorities, concerns, insights and plans for embracing unified communications (UC) strategies, Industry 4.0, Big Data, automation and the creation of smart factories. 

This report summarises the experiences of  manufacturers from across 65 UK organisations to allow the wider manufacturing sector to better understand where there is opportunity to create brighter, more profitable futures for themselves, their workforces, and their customers.

Download your free copy of this report to learn:

  • What manufacturers see as the biggest challenges facing their businesses over the next 36 months
  • How many UK manufacturers have a joined-up business and IT strategy in place
  • What percentage of manufacturing businesses are unlikely to employ a Smart Factory strategy
  • What crucial investments are needed in order to achieve continual output and improved efficiencies
  • Current IT spend of manufacturing businesses both large and small
  • What manufacturers really think about Brexit uncertainty

Is IT delivering on retailers’ in-store expectations?

By converging the boundaries of digital and physical retail environments, retailers are seeking new ways to serve the customer while maximising profitability and competitive advantage.

With consumer expectations and purchasing behaviours changing rapidly, the customer of today is more connected, informed and empowered than ever before. As such, retailers are being required to place customers at the heart of the business. At the same time, the role of the store is changing; becoming a key point of physical and personal engagement between the customer and a retailer’s brand.

According to industry analysts Gartner, the future of the store is underpinned by three things: ‘customisation, personalisation and collaboration’. The retail store is here to stay, but in order for it to succeed, retailers need to develop an effective IT strategy.

Surveying 100 marketing and customer experience professionals from UK retailers with more than 500 employees, this Daisy report highlights the technology focuses and challenges that retailers face over the next few years, when it comes to delivering a great in-store experience.

Download your copy of the full Daisy research below.