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Founded by current Chairman, Matthew Riley in 2001, Daisy is a group of four independent businesses providing digital infrastructure products, services and solutions to business.

Daisy has grown to become the largest independent in the market, with collective revenues of nearly £600m per annum, over 90% of which are subscription services of a recurring nature. Together the Daisy businesses manage almost 1,000,000 business mobile connections, over 750,000 business fixed line and data connections, operate a UK network of business continuity and data centres, and delivers communications, IT and cloud services across the UK and internationally.

The Daisy Corporate Services Business is the UK’s leading provider of secure IT, communications and cloud services to corporates and large enterprises. We work with more than 2,000 UK businesses across all sectors, shapes and sizes. We serve half of the country’s high street retailers and are at the technological heart of the nation’s critical infrastructure. We help keep cities trading, our utilities powered, planes flying and we support doctors in the care of their patients.

By bridging the gap between old and new technologies, we make businesses smarter by transforming customer engagement, managing costs and making people more efficient. What’s more, leveraging our scale and technical expertise allows us to give exceptional value and service.

With over a thousand employees Daisy Corporate Services has one of the industry’s highest-skilled technical workforces – you can trust us, and you won’t find a more energetic, dedicated people who care about looking after your business.

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