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“Manchester aims to be a city that is well connected. A city with ultrafast broadband and free WiFi in public places. A city with enviable digital skills. A city of open data where citizens can develop the apps to make data not only available, but usable, and create a more openly democratic city.”
Sir Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council

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RM1045 provides customers with access to networks and telecommunications services, including PSN compliant services. It provides savings, choice and flexibility for all publicly funded organisations; whilst ensuring compliance with the wider government technology strategy through our ongoing engagement with the Government Digital Service (GDS).

RM1045 Network Services covers networks and telecommunications services for all public sector organisations. This agreement provides access to specialist suppliers who can deliver the services under the 10 individual lots, as well as suppliers who can provide multiple services across a number of lots. The ability to appoint an agent, to procure on your behalf from this agreement, provides additional flexibility for complex requirements.

Daisy has been awarded places in 10 different lots under the UK Government’s new Network Services framework agreement (RM1045), as announced by the Crown Commercial Service.
1 Data access services
2 Local connectivity services
3 Traditional telephony services
4 Inbound telephony services
5 IP telephony services
6 Mobile voice and data services
7 Paging services
8 Video-conferencing services
9 Audio-conferencing services
10 Integrated communications

RM3804 provides technology services from strategy and service design through transition to operational running of an IT estate. It enables large project services, up to top secret classification, and access to a range of technology services, including: provision and management of IT service desk; end user device support; network support; asset disposal and application maintenance; and infrastructure support. It includes services at all government security classification levels. The agreement was developed with Home Office, Ministry of Defence, Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (representing local government) and Crescent Purchasing Consortium (representing education) among others.

Daisy has been awarded places in 7different lots under the UK Government’s Technology 2 framework agreement (RM3804), as announced by the Crown Commercial Service.

1 Technology Strategy and Service Design
2 Transition and Transformation
3a Operational Services (End User Services)
3b Operational Services (Operational Management)
3c Operational Services (Technical Management)
3d Operational Services (Application and Data Management)
4a Programmes and Large Projects (Government Official Security Classification)

This agreement provides access to the HSCN for health, social care, and related organisations. The HSCN is a data network that enables health and social care services to access and share information reliably, flexibly and efficiently. The agreement includes support for transition and implementation.

The agreement uses the CCS Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), a public sector sourcing tool for goods and services regulated by the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. You do not need special IT equipment to access it. New suppliers can join at any time.

Daisy has been awarded a place on the UK Government’s HSCN Access Services framework agreement (RM3825), as announced by the Crown Commercial Service.

1 Visit the HSCN DPS for more information