Hosted infrastructure

leads to an even better business

Daisy has a ‘can do’ attitude – and we have access to high-quality people with the skills we need. Daisy people understand our environment and what we want.

Alf Spencer, Head of IT at Clugston

The Background

Employing 500 people, Clugston is a leading provider of building, civil engineering, design, repair and maintenance, surveying, facilities management and specialist engineering services.

The Challenge

Access and utilise specialist IT skills and resources to improve services and in particular hosting and WAN. Ensure essential network connectivity in a constantly changing business environment – and do so at controlled cost.

The Solution

Design, implement, manage and support a hosted infrastructure and WAN to underpin back-office applications, covering a business-critical wide area network, with robust connectivity between the data centre, head office and multiple sites. Include easy access to wide-ranging skills and resources that Clugston cannot match in-house.

The Result

High performance IT and network services with professionally managed hosting in a secure facility underpinning essential business systems. Reliable wide area network connectivity to multiple sites, minimising downtime and potential impacts on operations. Ad hoc project services and hands-on support also available as required.