At-a-glance benefits

  • Secure remote workers against cyberattacks
  • Monitor remote users and devices
  • Patch remote devices
  • Perform security incident response management
  • Delivered as a fully managed service

Who needs this service?

Any organisation with remote workers, especially useful if you are:

  • Concerned about security and compliance
  • Seeking knowledge on your end-devices and a means of managing them
  • Looking to offload this headache via a managed service

Remote Endpoint Security Management (RESM)
What it delivers: Manages and patches your staff machines’ OS and applications to keep them and your infrastructure safe.
Why: Keep staff computers up to date with security patches and address new points of weakness.
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Continuous User Behaviour Analytics (CUBA)
What it delivers: Monitors for abnormal behaviour and checking if behaviour is putting the staff, device and your company at risk.
Why: A layer of protection against unsafe behaviour and to prevent data moving into unauthorised environments.
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Security Incident Response Management (SIRM)
What it delivers: A 24hr response line for any cyber incident (on a retainer or ad hoc basis and whether an existing Daisy customer or not).
Why: Help with any cyber incidents anytime, anywhere – available for new or existing Daisy customers.
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