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Product supply for all your hardware and software

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Leverage our buying power to maximise your IT and communications budgets

Working with technology vendors we can provide easy, low-cost product supply, managed end-to-end, from order to installation. We can support flexible ways of working and improve user experiences by providing you with the right technology to meet your needs as well as dedicated support for a seamless transition during the deployment stages.

We can navigate the often complicated area of licensing and ensuring that you’re matched to the correct program. As a trusted pair of hands, our specialists take the headache out of these processes.

We can also work with your legacy estates in terms of recycling and disposal, as well as buy back of equipment for further added value. Take advantage of cost savings, reduce the need to keep stock and become more efficient by rolling out hardware when needed with our warehousing and logistics solution.


All desktops, laptops, handsets, tablets or headsets including all software. As well as options such as hardware configuration, user profiling, asset tagging, imaging and deployment and applications and encryptions.


All ink, laser, PageWide, workflow, managed and toner supply including all software and options.


Daisy software includes: licensing, renewals, recovery, asset management and audits.

Lifecycle Services

Count on us to handle the refurbishment, remarketing and secure (WEEE compliant) disposal of your customers’ data and end-of-life IT assets.

Finance Services

We work with vendors or finance providers to offer you flexible and tailored solutions.

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Daisy’s bespoke service for delivering desktop refresh via our world class logistics centre and bespoke desktop practice ensures a smooth deployment to your users. Starting with Proof of Concept to ensure that the deployment is managed in the right manner for your needs, means minimal downtime for your users. Leaving the users to do their day job.

Our experienced project management, deployment and floor walkers mean that the swap out of old with new equipment can be managed to fit your end users schedules, should that be out of normal office hours. Whilst the deployment is taking place qualified engineers can be on hand for floor walking to combat any issue that should arise once the deployment of new technology is in place meaning issues are dealt with in a timely manner with minimal disruption to your workforce.

Using current technologies enhances business processes in many ways.

Generally newer technologies are more efficient and ecological than older technologies. Reliability equates to less downtime for users a reduction in the number of reported faults and a robust process for resolving them. Cloud Based technologies, O365 ensure that collaboration is key and the enhanced simplicity of sharing data means that many users can view the same data at the same time.

SCCM technologies and packaged applications deployed and supported by Daisy increases efficiency and means that your own IT Team can simply deploy updates and change users profiles.

Partnering with large IT vendors and new technologies gives Daisy the confidence in the lifecycle management of the hardware and software.

Lifecycle management is the process of ‘Getting Current and Staying Current’ with your hardware / software requirements. Starting simply from design of the service through to the disposal of items in line with the guidance of the WEEE directive.

With so many new technologies and solutions, the rise of cloud computing and the convergence between IT and communications, it can be difficult to determine which products and solutions are worth the investment. In a competitive market that’s rapidly evolving, choosing and adopting new technology can be quite challenging.

Regardless of your industry or the size of your organisation, it’s important to keep up to date with technology advancements that can make a tangible difference to your competitiveness and ability to succeed in your market. It is equally important to buy into technology and solutions that specifically meet your individual requirements, with the ability to scale and develop in line with your business. At Daisy, we learn about your business and advocate the right infrastructure and platforms to support your business profile, considering performance, cost and risk. Our breadth of vendor relationships at the highest level ensures an agnostic approach, that gives you the freedom of choice and agility to flex on your terms which is backed by Daisy.

Daisy offer the secure disposal of IT equipment through an ISO27001 accredited partner including CESG approved data destruction. We can manage the disposal of goods in an end to end process as part of a refresh program from collection of the items to destruction, recording the serial numbers and asset details of all items that are put through this process and being able to trace the movement of any specific item during this process to the end of its life.

Options are available for on site destruction of goods, removal of goods to a secure location for destruction or refurbishment and which can then be resold with the agreement of the end user.

There is also an option for collaboration with local charities, providing donation and support of an end user’s chosen charity. Any residual value from a disposal project can be gifted to an end users chosen organisation.

Simple quotes can be turned around within 2-4 hours, dependent on the vendor, technology and route to market.

Complex quotes vary in SLA but initial responses should be acknowledge within the same SLA as the simple quote. Complex quotes may need the intervention of sales specialists and pre sales consultants in order to qualify the right solution.

“As a university, a large number of people rely on being able to get in touch with you around the clock. The decision to upgrade to a cloud solution was an obvious choice. A lot of support is currently being withdrawn on older telephone systems, and we simply can’t risk being caught out without that all-important telephone system in place.”
Matthew Craughwell, Telecoms Team Leader at City, University of London

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Leverage our scale, size and long-term established Tier 1 vendor manufacturer relationships to get the best deals.

With access to more than 200,000 product lines and more than 200 technology partners, we can provide you with easy, low-cost product supply, managed end-to-end from order to installation – including laptops, desktops and printers – through to desktop services, hardware and lifecycle services.


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