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Remote and Homeworking

The “new normal” is a misnomer; the future workplace will be anything but normal and as we have seen by the way that organisations have responded to COVID-19, we are continually acclimatising to the emerging day-to-day reality of operating in this strange new landscape. Since the initial rush to homeworking in the first months, we are seeing organisations evolve their thinking further, with many trying to find out how sustained remote working post-pandemic would work, and more importantly, how it would affect their business.

Ask the workforce


of UK workers worked from home during the initial lockdown


of UK homeworkers want to continue working remotely in some capacity


of homeworkers reported an increase in productivity whilst working at home

These figures and many like them show a distinct preference for remote working and an increase in the output of workers during the lockdown period.

These stats are however representative of a broad sample and may differ drastically depending on industry, staff roles, and distribution. For example, banking and finance office workers are many times more likely to be able to work remotely and be productive when doing so, than construction or hospitality workers.

Generally though, those that have worked from home in this period seem to prefer and want to continue remote and/or flexible working in some capacity over being obligated to travel to a place of work every day.

Ask the organisation


of organisations surveyed were looking to increase working from home post-pandemic


of organisations want to increase flexible working (flexitime, staggered and compressed hours)

Which of the following best describes your organisation’s intended level of ‘workplace’ use in the long-term?

Office based (inc. ICT, financial services)

The results of this survey show that businesses reflect the view of the workforce, looking to increase working from home and flexible working. They also show that nearly a third of office-based organisations are intending to decrease the amount of workplace use in the long term.

Making your business smarter through technology

For those that can meet employee demands and implement flexible working for the long term, the rewards can be great. As the world moves forward, employees will challenge their organisations to move with it. Technology is an enabling power for this change to flexible and homeworking. Daisy’s solutions reflect the need communicated by customers, enabling them to benefit from a range of technology solutions from multiple sources and vendors, tailored to their needs.

Whilst things are changing quickly, expert advice from technology specialists can help you make the right decisions by painting a complete picture of the myriad possibilities and benefits technology can provide. The solutions below are some of many that can help make your business smarter, simply, securely, and with safeguards in place to ensure that you are protected in any eventuality.

To speak to a specialist about any of the solutions below or for advice on the provision of flexible and homeworking get in touch.


The immediate reaction to COVID-19 may have passed but the continuous appreciation of how this virus has affected, and will continue to influence, the concerns of organisations in the UK cannot be undervalued. Sustaining your homeworking capabilities will take consideration.

Whatever changes or new technology you have deployed during the pandemic will need to be reviewed:

  • It was right for now – but is it suitable for six, 12 or 18 months from now?
  • Our response was good but what could have been better?
  • Employees could work from home but was it as effective as working from one of our own locations? If not, why not?
  • Quickly deploying Teams was the right move – but are we really getting the most out of it?
  • Our cyber security posture was good pre-COVID – what does it look like now?
  • Were our business continuity plans really up to scratch?
  • Having purchased laptops to accommodate homeworking what next? Does this become the standard device for the business and what does that mean?
  • Congestion on our VPN meant employees had a varied experience depending on the time of day and number of users – what could we do better?

These are just some examples of how seeking to improve can stimulate assessment of all your homeworking and office provisions.

Homeworker Bundle Builder

With extended homeworking a priority for many organisations, our helpful homeworker bundles help your employees connect better, collaborate more effectively, and keep data secure – all on the devices needed to do their job and all packaged up with the added reassurance of support when needed.

We have designed these popular homeworking bundles to help you spread the cost over a monthly basis – for multiple users.

Which ‘pick and mix’ bundle will work best for your business? Browse now for the costs per users per month on our sample quote builder!

Homeworker Bundle Builder

Communications & Collaboration

With work fast becoming what you do rather than a place you go, the need for agile, remote and secure cloud-based UC solutions is key. With employees suffering from disjointed working experiences due to the use of multiple applications in order to collaborate with colleagues and customers and 74% of organisations still looking to increase homeworking post-pandemic – businesses are looking for an effective unified communications solution.

Daisy Direct2 for Microsoft Teams is a complete UC solution which brings a positive working experience back to your employees whether they are at home or starting to head back to the office. Whether you had these tools already or adopted a cloud UC application like Microsoft Teams, you may not be getting the most out of your deployment. Microsoft Teams provides so much more than audio and video conferencing (learn how to maximise your investment in our Teams webinar). You can enjoy a true collaborative experience thanks to features that enable external calling, holding large-scale meetings and events, streaming on-demand, as well as contact centre functionality (including hybrid contact centre) and calling analytics.

Get the most out of Microsoft Teams with this 101 Guide >>


Connectivity is, was and will always be an issue for homeworking. Unstable domestic broadband connections, consumer-grade network equipment together with the exceptional demands of multi-user households, created record demands on service providers.

But addressing this challenge does require some planning and does depend on the building blocks that your organisation has in place already.

Providing enterprise-grade connectivity to employees’ homes is achievable for any organisation, for example:

  1. Using SD-WAN – Learn more with our Complete SD-WAN Toolkit
  2. Extending your enterprise-level Local Area Network (LAN) and WiFi access to employee homes
  3. Increasing centralised Internet bandwidth to meet the demand for additional remote users
  4. Enabling VPN features for existing firewalls
  5. Increasing licences features for existing VPN solutions

By using solutions such as Cisco Meraki, you can extend your enterprise-level WiFi to a location outside of your buildings. In this case, to employees working from home.

With Cisco Meraki SD-WAN, homeworkers can connect to the wide area network (WAN) via a secure overlay giving them the same “in office” experience from anywhere.

Extending your connectivity’s capabilities with SD-WAN >>


Cyber Security

Your Homeworking Security Essentials Guide

Cyber security and connectivity go together so it will come as no surprise that once you have enabled homeworking you need to ensure that both you, and your employees, are sufficiently protected. Cyber security was the single biggest technology challenge most organisations faced when the lockdown was enforced: 53% considered it their top IT challenge.

As the mix of office work verses homeworking continues to change going forward, you will need to assess what cyber security measures you have in place to ensure they are fit for purpose. Long term, you will need to make some decisions about how your IT infrastructure will underpin your organisational demands. One in five organisations deployed new cyber security tools during the lockdown period just to cope with the change to the working environment and these tools will need to be reviewed to ensure they are still appropriate going forward.

Cloud services that can be deployed and configured remotely will allow much greater flexibility and control for future demands:

While many organisations use Microsoft 365, it’s often not used to its fullest extent for its security features. Much of the Microsoft 365 suite is aimed at allowing users to work not just productively but securely whether they are in the office or working remotely. The Microsoft suite, including the capabilities provided by Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), provide security insight into homeworkers.
Acronis is the all-in-one solution that provides backup and security that can cover your mobiles, laptops, desktops, servers and virtual machines and also cloud suites such as Microsoft 365 and Google Drive. You can mix and match options across your IT estate for a solution that protects everything you need in a way that suits your requirements. Read more about Acronis here >
Protect your employees wherever they are by extending enterprise web filtering to their home and reduce the risk of stolen credentials with multi-factor authentication (MFA). While Cisco Umbrella protects them against phishing, malware, botnets, and other cyber security threats, Cisco Duo verifies users’ identities, not just their credentials, to prevent unauthorised access and data breaches.

Ensure your homeworkers are protected with these 5 must-do steps >>

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Dealing with COVID-19 tested even the most comprehensive business continuity plan and has left organisations considering and implementing new business models.

If you were struggling to respond to the changes COVID-19 brought, or if you lack the internal resources to update your business continuity plans to address your organisation’s post-COVID environment, we have business continuity management (BCM) consultants and software that can help – and also, we can use both together to deliver a packaged Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS) for you.

Get practical help with post COVID continuity from our must-have guide >>

Business Continuity Management (BCM)


At the beginning of the lockdown period the demand for mobiles, tablets and laptops skyrocketed. Now many organisations are looking to sustain remote working long term, employees need devices that are suitable. Preparing and evaluating employees’ roles and the devices they need must be a continuing process.

The more services you can deploy remotely, the more productive your employees can be whilst working and collaborating virtually.

Daisy can provide you with easy, low-cost product supply, managed end-to-end from order to installation – including laptops, desktops and printers – through to desktop services, hardware configuration and lifecycle services.

Get in touch to see how we can help >>

Looking to sustain remote working? We can help

Daisy Corporate Services has 20 years experience in IT and communications and we are the UK’s #1 independent provider of IT, communications and cloud. We can help you sustain remote and homeworking for the long-term with solutions like:

  • Relocation readiness assessments
  • Cloud voice solutions including softphone clients from top vendors
  • Cloud desktop services like Microsoft 365 or Citrix
  • VPN and secure access/authentication platforms
  • Remote backup services – especially for cloud-based platforms
  • Enterprise-grade WiFi into employees’ homes
  • Deployment and optimisation of collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams
  • Additional, flexible helpdesk services
  • Business Continuity, recovery planning and preparedness
  • Security products and services to keep you protected

We connect your business challenges to technology solutions. Our customers trust us to deliver reliable and secure tailored solutions that open up new possibilities for organisational performance and flexibility. If you would like to speak to us to see how we can help your organisation prepare for now and the future, please get in touch.

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Return to the Office

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, convention dictated that office space still played an integral part in our working lives. The government’s “stay at home” messaging has got UK businesses adopting more long-term homeworker and smart worker strategies – but as lockdown measures ease, does this necessarily mark the end of the central workplace or simply a change of approach?

Despite many organisations looking to reduce their projected central workplace usage many are staying put, with an aggregate 39% of organisations surveyed not considering a reduction. This creates an interesting opportunity to look at the office differently, and reimagine what the future workplace may look like – whether that be flexible working with remote working and a small amount of office hotdesking, or a completely new approach.


of organisations surveyed were looking to increase working from home post-pandemic

Serviced Offices

Getting staff back into workplace locations in a timely and safe manner is something that every organisation has to consider – there’s no cookie cutter approach to this as every organisation is unique and knows its own needs and limitations.

If you need more space to accommodate social distancing, serviced office space can be a great alternative to a long-term property commitment. Flexibility is paramount – your organisation may have discovered that it has more fallow office space than it thought and needs temporarily less space or a supple approach to making sure that you have the correct sized facilities for your short term needs.

Have a look at our FlexSpace serviced offices >>

Serviced Offices

Workplace Refresh

Returning to the office with a refreshed outlook might tempt you to refresh some of your office equipment. Working with technology vendors we can provide easy, low-cost product supply, managed end-to-end, from order to installation. We can support flexible ways of working and improve user experiences by providing you with the right technology to meet your needs as well as dedicated support for a seamless transition during the deployment stages.

We can also navigate the often complicated area of licencing and ensuring that you’re matched to the correct program. As a trusted pair of hands, our specialists take the headache out of these processes.

Take advantage of cost savings, reduce the need to keep stock and become more efficient by rolling out hardware when needed with our warehousing and logistics solution.

Refresh your workplace hardware >>

Unwanted IT Hardware

The workplace has now changed for many organisations, moving towards homeworking and cloud-based systems. This inevitably means there is some legacy IT laying around which is not being used. So why not see if you can get some value from it?

We can work with your legacy estates in terms of recycling and disposal, and even buy back equipment for further added value, giving you more purchasing power to get the tech you need.

Get in touch to find out how you can recycle your old IT >>

Unwanted IT Hardware

Returning to the office? We can help.

Daisy Corporate Services has 20 years experience in IT and communications and we are the UK’s #1 independent provider of IT, communications and cloud. Whether you are considering an update and refresh, need to recycle and cash in your old IT, or you are looking to re-imagine the workplace completely – we can help connect your business challenges to technology solutions.

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Future Workplace Essentials Toolkit

The essential remote working and back to office toolkit

This future workplace essentials toolkit equips you with everything you need to get your organisation ready for the future workplace.

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Transformational technology is a key way to gain competitive advantage. Keeping an ear to the ground to discover new technologies, practices and trends can be the difference between an industry leader and a follower.

This toolkit will enable you to take a step into our digital future, catch up on today’s modern workplace and, make the right decision when returning to the office, complete with a technology checklist to ensure things run smoothly.

Not only that, but you can choose to receive a free consultation with one of our specialists, to discuss your vision for the future, and how technology can help you get there.

What’s included in the toolkit?

Digital Transformation Whitepaper

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Modern Workplace Raconteur Report Pack

Ditching the Desk?
How the Leadership Role is Changing in an Era of Remote Working
Digital Nomads: Fantasy or Reality?

Pass the Remote: The Role of SD-WAN in the Year of Homeworking Guide

Learn how SD-WAN enables today’s remote workforce in this must-read guide

Back to Office Resources (Article & Checklist)

Back to the Office – To Return or not to Return – That is the Question
Reset and Restart – The Complete Return to Office Technology Checklist

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