Palo Alto: Securing NHS Data in the Digital Age

In this guest blog, Palo Alto discuss the benefit of public cloud in the NHS.

The NHS has a long history of innovation and advancement, both within clinical care settings and within the services that support the delivery of modern medicine to the public. With the announcement earlier, this year endorsing the use of public cloud within the organisation, we can expect these technological advancements to continue, with many trusts, CSUs and ALBs now in the early phases of cloud adoption strategies.

The benefits of using the public cloud within the NHS have been a popular topic in recent years and need no real explanation: the reduction in fixed infrastructure costs, the ability to scale, and better access to services, including clinical. But to derive true benefits from the cloud, NHS organisations need to embark upon a significant migration of infrastructure and the services they provide. Much like the learning curve we had to undertake as we transitioned from physical to virtual environments, with this migration to the cloud comes complexity, a shortage of resources and often, a lack of skills, because an understanding of networks today does not translate to the public cloud of the future.

Furthermore, the move to public cloud is driven so strongly by the business groups that security is often a secondary consideration. Security moves in a purposeful manner whilst cloud environments move at light speed. However, no one would dispute the fact that applications and data in the private cloud, the public cloud or those accessed through a cloud storage service need to be protected with as much diligence as private networks and on-premise software, hardware, applications and data.

Following the national guidance for the NHS cloud strategy, NHS organisations will need to know how to use cloud offerings safely and securely, especially in the wake of tighter restrictions imposed on the processing and transfer of personal data brought through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  There are numerous resources available to the NHS within both the UK government and its industry partners and there is a solid need to seek those out as part of any diligence when embarking on the creation of a cloud strategy. As the global cybersecurity leader, a trusted supplier to the UK government and a member of the National Cyber Security Centre Industry 100, Palo Alto Networks has invested heavily not only in the innovation of technologies to protect your data in the cloud, but also in dedicated engineers to assist you in the formation of your initial strategy.

This independent research by Palo Alto Networks and Vanson Bourne dives into the state of cybersecurity within the NHS. Find out how NHS IT decision-makers value data security in the wake of recent cyberattacks, preparedness for forthcoming tougher data protection rules and the development of trust when it comes to how patients digitally interact with the NHS.

Daisy Group is a Palo Alto Networks Nextwave Gold Partner; you can read more about our Security portfolio here.

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