Daisy SD-WAN and The Case of The Redeployed Doctors [Comic series]

Daisy SD-WAN and The Case of The Redeployed Doctors [Comic Series]

Part of a comic series, our second issue encounters a hospital trust leaning on SD-WAN to redistribute some of its services in a time of national crisis.

A hospital trust which operates from three main sites finds itself tasked with the safe redeployment of some of its secondary care medical workforce during a period of prolonged major incident. Contending with the need to limit the number of staff and patients in clinical locations, as well as ensuring sites remain well-staffed, the speed, stability and security required of its IT infrastructure becomes all the more critical…

Part of a comic series exploring the role of Managed SD-WAN in different working scenarios, our second issue encounters a hospital trust leaning on its existing SD-WAN infrastructure in order to shape and prioritise traffic and redeploy staff to support priority services across multiple sites.

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12 Ways to Secure Christmas (and Beyond) [Infographic]

Discover 12 ways our Daisy Security Advisor solution can ensure a stress-free holiday season and beyond

The last thing anyone wants is to be compromised – especially over the festive period. Still, we understand you might not have a dedicated security team in-house or have time to look after your organisation’s overall IT requirements and focus on cybersecurity. If this is the case, then our Daisy Security Advisor solution might just have gone to the top of your wish list.

Working as an extension to your IT team, Daisy’s Security Advisors can deliver high-value cybersecurity perfectly tailored to your business, ensuring you have experienced help at all times.

Take a look at the infographic below and discover 12 ways our Daisy Security Advisor solution can ensure you stay on top of the latest threats – not just for Christmas but for years ahead too.

Cisco DNA Centre: Five Ways To Solve Your Network Challenges [Infographic]

Solve common network challenges and prepare for the future with Cisco DNA Centre

Traditional networks are no match for modern business demands, but there’s one solution that can help you tackle your immediate challenges and give you complete control of your network. That solution is Cisco DNA Centre. Regardless of the complexity of your hybrid architectures that incorporate multiple campuses, remote branches and cloud architectures, Cisco DNA Centre can help simplify it.

Cisco DNA Centre is a powerful network controller and analytics platform that lets you easily manage all your connected devices, prioritise and resolve network issues quickly, and simplify your network management. What’s more, you don’t need to have an exclusive Cisco network to benefit from it as chances are, your network infrastructure isn’t completely powered by Cisco. That’s why Cisco DNA Centre has been designed as an open platform delivering true 360-degree extensibility and visibility across your entire network.

In this easy to digest infographic, discover five ways Cisco DNA Centre can help solve your network challenges.

Daisy SD-WAN and The Secret of Saving Time [Comic Series]

Part of a comic series, our first issue looks at one IT director’s heroic SD-WAN journey.

The year is 2020. Just before an inscrutable new virus forces businesses around the world to switch to remote working practices, a national business finds itself needing a more centralised way to manage its wide area network (WAN) as network performance starts to fail and productivity across the workforce starts to wane.
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How To Get More From Your LAN Investment [Infographic]

How To Get More From Your LAN Investment [Infographic]

Keep your wired and wireless local area networks (LAN) running smoothly, securely and efficiently

Acting much like the “plumbing” of your network, your LAN plays a key role in ensuring a smooth and stable performance for your business’ applications. However, downtime in your LAN could mean operations come to a standstill.

Managing your LAN can be expensive and time-consuming, that’s why opting for a managed service can offer considerable benefits to your business, ensuring that your LAN is reliable, efficient, scalable and secure. But you need to be certain you’re collaborating with the right people. Daisy provides a flexible approach for the management of your LAN with a choice of support and management packages to fulfil a wide range of service level and budget requirements – whether it’s a completely new environment or an adoption of an existing network.

Use our LAN Management infographic to find a LAN management option that is right for you. You can enlist help from Daisy experts who can be involved as little or as much as necessary to help you get the most out of your LAN investment.

How To Get More From Your LAN Investment [Infographic]


Extreme Cloud IQ

Manage Your Networks Effortlessly: Eight Benefits of ExtremeCloud™ IQ [Infographic]

From improved agility to greater visibility and control, cloud-driven networking makes all your network operations effortless

As organisations implement new ways of working, there is a need for greater network management, agility, control, and data insights. Cloud-driven networking enables you to do just that.

With cloud-driven networking, IT administrators can save time and effort on an increasing number of everyday tasks. It makes it possible to quickly and securely manage all your network operations effortlessly, from wired or wireless access points and switches to users, applications, and devices.

ExtremeCloud™ IQ is an industry-leading and visionary approach to cloud-driven networking, built on a 4th generation cloud platform. With ExtremeCloud™ IQ, your networks can be monitored, managed and continually optimised via a single cloud-based interface. The result? An unprecedented blend of power, flexibility and security to help you grow, create and outperform your market, while maximising mobility and achieving more with your IT budget.

Take a look at the infographic below and discover how cloud-driven networking with ExtremeCloud™ IQ can help you connect your people, applications and information in the most simplified and secure way, whilst streamlining all aspects of your network from deployment to maintenance.

Cloud IQ Infographic

10 Reasons to Adopt Daisy Direct2 for Microsoft Teams [Infographic]

Daisy Direct2 for Microsoft Teams is designed to help support your home workers, while allowing your business to remain flexible and responsive to changing needs.

Adopting collaboration tools which support remote workers and flexible working means your teams can remain agile and responsive to changing needs. Daisy Direct2 for Microsoft Teams allows your Microsoft Teams-enabled staff to make and receive external calls from within a single workspace. And, we can work with you to replace your existing PBX with an integrated business phone system delivered from the Microsoft cloud.
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10 reasons to adopt Teams

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How To Choose The Right Cloud Provider [Infographic]

How To Choose The Right Cloud Provider [Infographic]

Ensuring you’ve partnered up with the right cloud provider is now more important than ever. With an abundance of cloud services that add so much value to organisations, it’s no wonder the amount of time and money invested in cloud, is growing at an alarming rate.

  • By 2022, cloud spending will out-strip traditional IT spend

  • 83% of enterprise workloads will be cloud based by 2020

  • 94% of enterprises already use a cloud service

So in this constantly growing and evolving, cloud-crazy world, how do you find a cloud partner who truly “gets you?”

Our stats-packed infographic explores the ways cloud technologies can empower your business, and lists the questions you need to ask to find a cloud partner that can help your cloud environment grow and evolve as your business does.

Download this insightful infographic and find out how you can select the cloud provider that’s right for you!


Five Ways To Better Manage Your Network For Professional Services [Infographic]

Daisy and Extreme Networks can help simplify and transform your IT environment

Accountancy firms, law firms and other professional services providers are facing increasing pressure to manage resources and costs, while data security remains crucial for client trust, regulatory pressures are increasing, and client demands and expectations are constantly changing. But how exactly do you transform yourselves for the digital age, stay competitive and respond to these pressures at the same time?

Take a look at the infographic below and discover five ways to keep your business ahead of the game. Daisy and Extreme Networks can help simplify and transform your IT environment with Extreme Management Centre technologies, so that you can increase business efficiency and billable time, transform client interaction, and stay secure and compliant in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

SPOTLIGHT ON PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: What are the 4 big benefits to getting your business fitter?

The professional services sector is undergoing unprecedented change. This presents an opportunity for you to use technology in a way that fits your needs and vision, while streamlining costs and freeing your people up for the value-added work that clients pay for.

Technology should align to your key business priorities, helping you power through all obstacles and keep ahead of the competition. This means stand-out client interactions, giving your people flexibility, boosting your revenues and owning compliance and security. The right combination of technology and services is all it takes. Find out below, how you can get digitally fit for success…

Boost your revenue:

  • Unified Communications that drive productivity
  • Document management that keeps you secure and compliant
  • Infrastructure and applications that keep your business efficient

Empower your people:

  • Connectivity and collaboration that create a richer working environment for your staff
  • Mobile solutions that empower your staff and drive business agility and results

Impress your clients:

  • Cloud & Hosting that keeps you equipped to deliver
  • Unified Communications that keep your clients close