PSTN Switch-off: A Step-by-Step Planning Tool [Guide]

In this guide, we will provide information to help you audit your current communications (and other business-critical technologies) and determine whether (and how) you need to act in each case.

The clock is ticking towards the demise of the PSTN. If you don’t have an alternative fully in place by December 2025, your phones will stop ringing, your lifts and other vital facilities may cease to work and, your customers may be cut off from contacting you. Whatever stage you’re currently at, Daisy’s specialist team can help you assess your needs and manage a seamless migration that works for you and your customers.

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PSTN Switch Off

Daisy SD-WAN and the Building of a Future-Proof Business [Comic Series]

Daisy SD-WAN and the Building of a Future-Proof Business [Comic Series]

Part of a comic series, our third issue encounters a construction company that builds today’s infrastructure on tomorrow’s technology.

If costly, spotty, low-bandwidth connectivity fails to meet the demands and affect the delivery of complex and schedule-driven construction projects, you’ve got a big problem – and that’s exactly what happens in the latest issue of our SD-WAN comic series.

Faced with a stellar development project, a location with little to no connectivity options, and ailing bandwidth thanks to a recent shift to cloud-based applications, a construction company finds itself in need of a network infrastructure built on a more robust foundation.

Building a future-proof network

Read on to find out how the use of in-the-box pre-configured equipment, paired with centralised management of the company’s entire network and LTE (Long Term Evolution) connectivity helped renovate and future-proof the business’ operating model.

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Daisy Cyber Security Evaluation

Cyber Security Evaluation: Check Your Security Posture [Self-evaluation]

Our comprehensive evaluation is designed for you to download and use to assess your current cyber security posture against a set of critical questions.

Why “take the test”?

This evaluation will allow you to review your current coverage of essential cyber security elements and identify areas that need attention. Along the way, it gives you helpful tips and a few suggestions of solutions that can help with each element – if you need them.

Security remains a key challenge for UK organisations, with COVID-19, Brexit pressures, and homeworking creating new opportunities for cyber criminals to exploit. We advocate a simple and sensible approach to security, aligned to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework. We group the five high-level functions that NIST covers, into the areas of Discovery (identify, detect), Prevention (protect) and Response (respond, recover) to help you create a well-rounded approach to security.

Who should download this evaluation tool?

All IT and information security professionals will benefit from better understanding their cyber security posture and their level of vulnerability and risk. Formal security audits are important, but it’s also essential to understand the fundamental truths yourself. This evaluation presents a useful cross-section of the building blocks included in the NIST framework.

Our cyber security evaluation will help you assess your current security posture and provide pointers towards improvements where you may need it. Download your copy to:

  • Assess your security posture with comprehensive evaluation questions
  • Receive tips on each key point
  • Find out which Daisy solutions can help you
5 steps to protect homeworkers

5 Must-Do Steps to Protect Homeworkers

With so many organisations concerned about the security vulnerabilities of homeworking, we’ve collated the five most significant steps you can take to keep homeworkers, and by extension, your corporate environment, safe.  Take a look to see if you have them all covered.

For many of us, the way we work has changed significantly in recent times. We have embraced the cloud and new technologies and seen the evaporation of our traditional security perimeter into numerous disparate and diverse endpoints. All of these developments have added complexity to a threat landscape that constantly changes and includes the targeted exploitation of any such change.

The advice that we give our customers is focused on a simple, sensible approach. This document outlines the basic steps that you need to take to protect homeworkers, and explains why, so that you can make sure the solutions and policies that you have in place already are protecting you in the way that they should.

Your Complete SD-WAN Toolkit

Everything you need to build the perfect connectivity solution for your business

The buzz about SD-WAN has been around for a while. But with COVID-19 driving many UK businesses to evaluate and improve network agility, the market for SD-WAN remains a hot topic as organisations start deploying the technology to solve WAN bandwidth limitations, provide reliability/resiliency, and improve the quality of user experience for cloud-based applications.

Whether your company already uses SD-WAN or you are just starting your journey, we have collated all the information you will need to understand this technology – its benefits, capabilities, use cases and more to help you decide whether it’s the right solution for your organisation.

Why should I get my Complete SD-WAN Toolkit?

It is more vital now than ever before to connect users to the data and applications they need wherever they are, securely and efficiently. Yet many existing WAN architectures now fall short of the ideal. This toolkit has been assembled to provide influencers and decision-makers – like you – with everything they need to know about SD-WAN. From rapidly improving network speeds, tightening security and ensuring efficiency, find out how to use this technology to your advantage now and into the future.

What will I find in my toolkit?

Pass the Remote: The Role of SD-WAN in the Year of Homeworking Guide
Are you struggling to adopt a long-term remote working strategy or are you worried about keeping employees productive whilst at home? Then look no further than our remote working guide.

It Takes WAN to Know SD-WAN Blog
With so much hype around SD-WAN, it’s not always clear what it is and why it is important to your business. Fortunately, Daisy’s Director of Product Richard Beeston breaks down the ‘whats’ and the ‘hows’ of SD-WAN in this blog, to help you make sense of this secure, scalable and cost-effective connectivity solution.

SD-WAN 101 Guide
Unsure how to make the case for SD-WAN in a way that resonates with stakeholders and reflects your organisation’s vision and objectives? We’ve got you covered with our SD-WAN 101 Guide. Learn how to demonstrate the benefits of this transformational technology to colleagues, stakeholders and other influencers.

Daisy SD-WAN and The Secret of Saving Time Comic
As part of a comic series exploring the role of SD-WAN in different working scenarios, our first issue covers a major use case for a large national business being held back by legacy IT. Find out how they cope with network performance and security with everyone working remotely.

Daisy SD-WAN and The Case of The Redeployed Doctors Comic
In the second issue of our comic series, a hospital trust finds itself tasked with the safe redeployment of some of its secondary care medical workforce in a time of national crisis. Find out how they lean on their existing SD-WAN infrastructure to shape and prioritise traffic and redeploy staff to support priority services across multiple sites.

Whether you are familiar with SD-WAN or a complete novice, we know you might still have lots of questions surrounding this technology. So we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about SD-WAN to help inform your decisions when choosing the best-fit solution for you.

The Benefits of Cisco Meraki SD-WAN Infographic
This infographic will help you discover four BIG reasons why SD-WAN, powered by Cisco Meraki, makes sense for your business. From improved agility, enhanced optimisation and performance and greater cost savings, to expert skills/resources and advanced security – find out how a WAN upgrade could save you and your business more than just money.

Evolve Your Network & Optimise SaaS with Managed SD-WAN Webinar
Interested in learning about the advantages of a centrally managed and controlled SD-WAN? Watch our on-demand webinar and get a better understanding of Daisy’s Managed SD-WAN service and see examples of how SD-WAN technology can evolve your network and optimise your SaaS applications.

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Cloud Networking and The 21st Century Manufacturer [eBook]

Cloud Networking and The 21st Century Manufacturer [eBook]

Learn how cloud networking can help manufacturing operations flourish in this easy-to-digest, jargon-free eBook

The manufacturing landscape is undergoing dramatic change. Recent events have created a new set of challenges for any business that manages and supplies resources across several sites.

Volatile markets, along with the need to staff, maintain and digitise a dispersed network, are piling additional pressure on manufacturing leaders – a group that’s already juggling complex requirements from innovation and cost optimisation to agility, efficiency and resilience.

As a result, many of these businesses find their existing on-premise infrastructure no longer meets the demands of an increasingly competitive sector. The answer? Transitioning away from legacy platforms to a cloud-based alternative.

Find out why digital transformation is no longer a nice-to-have amid COVID-19 and a barrage of other unpredictable forces, and discover eight manufacturing challenges that cloud networking can help you solve and more in this easy-to-digest, jargon-free eBook.

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Cloud Networking and The 21st Century Manufacturer [eBook]


Cloud All-in-One Toolkit

All-In-One Cloud Toolkit

Why should I get my All-in-One Cloud Toolkit?

The cloud is now a major part of every enterprise digital transformation strategy. Getting it right can yield competitive advantage, enable homeworking, provide disaster recovery and business continuity, enhance collaboration and provide protection and security from external threats.

This toolkit has been collated to give influencers and decision makers like you the insight you need to speak cloud, assess your current cloud strategy, and make the decisions necessary to benefit from this essential enterprise technology. Benefit from broad top-level quick guides designed for those with little time to spare, or go in-depth with explanations of this technology for those looking to dig a little deeper.

Plus you can choose to receive a free consultation from a Daisy expert. Just check the “I would like to receive a free consultation” box when you fill out the form and we’ll get in touch to arrange one.

What will I find in my toolkit?

Hybrid Cloud 101 eGuide
This short, jargon-free guide will help you explore the benefits of hybrid cloud, apply them to the unique needs of your organisation and take the vital steps needed when assessing a hybrid strategy. It will also equip you to discuss hybrid cloud with anyone you need to influence, while making a clear, compelling business case.
Cloud Connectivity Whitepaper: Why Not All Clouds Are Created Equal
This comprehensive cloud connectivity whitepaper covers all you need to know about cloud connectivity. It arms you with the knowledge you need to convince stakeholders and other decision makers of the importance of a cloud connectivity strategy and the options available to you.
Networking in the Cloud Era Guide
This guide will help you discover what to look for when starting on your cloud networking journey. It considers the different generations of cloud technology and provides a detailed checklist to help you identify the best option for your business.
6 Reasons to Migrate to Hybrid Cloud & Common Hybrid Cloud Scenarios
Chris Blow, Technical Design Architect at Daisy Corporate Services discusses the benefits of migrating to hybrid cloud, common hybrid cloud scenarios, and why businesses should consider hybrid cloud adoption.
Hybrid Cloud: The Ultimate Guide for Decision Makers
This hybrid cloud ultimate guide helps you and your fellow decision-makers address your business challenges, and get the most out of your cloud infrastructure. We’ve provided structured, jargon-free pros and cons for different hybrid approaches, along with stats, facts and insights designed to chime with the priorities of key executives, from CEO and CFO to sales and operations directors and beyond.
Cloud Consultancy – Azure Migration & Optimisation Assessment Datasheets
Migrating and running your IT infrastructure in the cloud can often be a complex task. It can have many considerations that require expert knowledge of IT infrastructure services, across on-premise, hybrid and public cloud environments. This is where cloud consultancy is not just a “nice to have” but invaluable. It is vital to ensure that the architecture design meets all your business requirements with key factors such as availability, performance, compliance, cost control, data sovereignty, and security all being critical to get right.
Plus a free consultation with a Daisy expert
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Business Continuity Guide: COVID-19, Continuity & Resilience

Our must-have booklet gives you advice, information and food for thought, helping you to take stock and identify the learning opportunities of COVID-19 from a continuity and resilience perspective.

The content will benefit anyone involved in IT service continuity and resilience across your IT infrastructure and working practices. The content includes:

  • COVID-19: What’s the business continuity difference?
  • COVID-19 top tech issues for businesses
  • Tips on how to align with best practice for best results
  • Post COVID-19 planning pointers
  • Finding the positive outcomes from COVID-19
  • Key sector challenges 2020
Hybrid Cloud: The Ultimate Decision Makers Guide

Hybrid Cloud: The Ultimate Guide for Decision Makers [Blog]

Start with this guide.

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, this hybrid cloud ultimate guide helps you and your fellow decision-makers address your business challenges, and get the most out of your cloud infrastructure. We’ve provided structured, jargon-free pros and cons for different hybrid approaches, along with stats, facts and insights designed to chime with the priorities of key executives, from CEO and CFO to sales and operations directors and beyond.
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5 Common Concerns About Moving to SIP

…and why you don’t need to worry

When first considering a new technology for your business, there are any number of variables you need to consider. SIP trunking and Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony is no different. Fortunately, many of these concerns are unfounded. Here are five of our top SIP trunking myths debunked.

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