Ensuring business continuity for your critical staff

FlexPlace – a workplace for recovery and business as usual

More than just traditional workplace recovery services

Your people are flexible and agile, so it makes sense to use work area recovery services that are flexible and agile as well, to suit the needs of your staff and your business. Our FlexPlace services mean that we deliver office space that best supports your business needs. And not just for use in disaster recovery, but for business-as-usual capacity on-demand, training, business growth, premises reservations/alterations.

With locations available throughout the UK and flexible transport options to suit every business requirement, Daisy remains true to its core in terms of our Business Continuity use case but with a broad estate offering this type of flexibility and value add to our customers is what makes us the partner of choice for work area recovery and office space services in the UK. Wherever you are, you’re never far from a Daisy Business Continuity Centre delivering recovery and resilience for displaced staff when things go wrong.