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With new risks and new problems for security teams to overcome being a constant – what if you don’t have a whole security team? This is a scary world for IT systems, with unprecedented levels of cybercrime. Whatever resources you have, your security needs to be able to adapt to embrace digital opportunities and to minimise the risks.

On top of that, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law in May 2018, with huge financial and reputational ramifications – you need to be compliant, or face severe consequences.

Our legacy of connectivity, managed services and business continuity means that the solutions we deliver are supported by a wealth of associated experience and knowledge. We will help you to implement appropriate solutions that leverage discovery and response services to result in a multi-layered, robust security strategy to defend your business from attack. Using the latest tools and technologies to help you prevent and recover from cybercrime.

Secure Cloud

As users increasingly work remotely and applications move towards the cloud, protecting your virtual perimeter is increasingly difficult, but absolutely vital. Daisy’s long experience with delivering cloud deployments means we’re ideally placed to help protect your organisation, wherever and whenever.

Secure Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is taking the IT world by storm but brings with it greatly increased risks of unsecured data and workloads. By working with leading cloud security partners such as Palo Alto and Cisco, Daisy is able to protect your infrastructure whether you are in a Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud environment.

Multi Factor Authentication

Attackers have long exploited user login data to gain entry to critical systems, and as organisations digitise operations and take on greater liability for storing customer data, the risks and the need for security increase. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is a security process that requires multiple pieces of evidence to verify users’ identities before they can access networks or other online applications. By working with leading security partners such as Cisco and Microsoft, Daisy can help secure systems against unauthorised users and their associated threats by using MFA before granting access. Learn more >>

Web & Email Filtering

Unfortunately our users are typically the weakest part of any organisation’s security posture. The best way to mitigate this risk is by deploying comprehensive web and email security from leading vendors, including malware scanning, DDoS protection and detailed incident reporting. Learn more >>


The endpoint is the last line of defense and the most commonly exploited device in your network. By partnering with leading anti-virus and next-generation endpoint protection providers, Daisy can deliver the most appropriate protection to meet your business requirements and take the headache away from complex anti-virus management solutions.

Wisdom Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS)

You can reap the benefits of a hybrid or public cloud and keep the control, accountability and security of a document management (EDRM) system - thanks to Daisy’s expertise in cloud design and management, combined with our Wisdom document management experts. Learn more >>

Secure Connectivity

At a time when organisations are becoming more dependent on the benefits of digital transformation, the threats to network security are more prevalent and potentially more devastating, as we put more and more processes and applications online. It’s a fertile environment for malicious and criminal activity and it has never been so important to have the ability to maintain and manage a robust boundary between your network and the outside world.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web applications are now business critical within most organisations, but are increasingly vulnerable to costly and brand-damaging cyberattacks. When your company is targeted you will want a reliable Web Application Firewall to monitor input and output and carefully control access that blocks unauthorised attempts. Daisy’s WAF can be delivered as a managed service to give you peace of mind that your applications will be readily available to legitimate users and impregnable to everyone else.

Daisy DDoS Protection (DDP)

Over the past few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has introduced millions upon millions of devices to the internet and within reach of the cybercriminals. Now, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, where a network is bombarded with traffic from multiple sources, can be fed by our fridges and our thermostats, to wreak greater devastation. Daisy’s DDP service can help. Learn More >>

Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)

IPS is a crucial tool in your armoury, monitoring traffic and taking immediate action to stop unwanted traffic getting in. Our IPS is available as a standalone service, providing protection throughout your network, not just at the edge, where IPS functions that are integrated into your firewall operate. This means that breaches brought into your network via mobile devices carried by staff, suppliers, etc., will also be identified and dealt with. Daisy delivers this as a managed service to analyse, sort and resolve issues so that policies can be updated quickly.

Secure Communications

The security of your endpoint devices is a becoming more of a problem with the advent of bring your own device (BYOD), greater volumes of people working remotely and an increase in new devices such as smart watches. Recent research from Ovum, from surveying 4500 respondents from 20 geographic markets, found that 47 percent of employees use their own phone to access corporate data, 25 percent use their own tablet, and 8 percent are now experimenting with wearable devices to keep up to date with the workplace. Daisy is a leading mobile provider in the UK, and delivers services that help you to keep your business safe from the risks posed by endpoint devices.

Mobile Device Management

Daisy can help you to keep connected to your distributed workforce safely and securely, so that you remain in control of your sensitive corporate data. Often known as Enterprise Mobility Management, Daisy has a range of solutions available to provide control in an easy to manage manner. Learn more >>