Resilient and secure network communications, round the clock

FlexConnect – keeping connected, no matter what

More than just a lifeline in a disaster

Networking is the backbone of everything in IT. Businesses are ever more reliant on having fast, reliable connectivity for day-to-day use and need to maintain that connectivity in the event of an incident or outage. Daisy’s FlexConnect network stretches the breadth of the UK with all our locations connected by a meshed, flexible configuration, optimised for any requirement such as direct connection to your premises, public cloud or both. FlexConnect is fully compatible with and underpins all of our services including FlexPlace, FlexTech and FlexData.

Offering high bandwidth at low cost, and always there when you need it, FlexConnect uses network virtualisation to simplify and unify connectivity. Whether your business needs a simple line connection or full hybrid connectivity to your premises or public cloud, you are assured of resilient and secure network communications.