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It’s no secret that Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are rising in frequency across the UK and all businesses – no matter what size or industry – are potential targets. The scale and intensity of these attacks is increasing with almost 278 DDoS attacks taking place globally every hour. With the average cost to a business at £350,000, it is vital that your business looks at the risks, to assess if your current IT systems will protect you.

At Daisy we have invested in a new state-of-the-art Cisco and Arbor powered network with embedded DDoS protection, which protects not only our own Daisy network but also our customers’ networks 24/7/365. We have the highest level accreditations with the world’s most trusted security vendors, so there’s nobody better placed to keep you protected.

New_DDoS_Icons_png-01-01Fast-mutating and getting more complex by the day, DDoS attacks aim to cripple online services, compromise personal data, steal credit card data, deface brands or even act as a smoke screen for other attacks − for political, financial or other malicious reasons.

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A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make a computer or network device unavailable to legitimate users. A common attack method is to bombard an attack target with massive volumes of requests to open a connection. The target host cannot cope with such a large number of session requests and simply stops responding, rendering it useless. The DDoS attack also swamps your Internet connection, blocking traffic from legitimate sources.

Daisy’s DDoS Protection service (DDP) is a cloud-based service that provides customers with Daisy Internet connections and Internet facing hosts, with mitigation against the threat of DDoS attacks 24/7/365. During an attack, a customer’s traffic is redirected through our DDoS mitigation platform which intelligently identifies and drops malicious attack traffic in our core network before it reaches a customer port where it would cause the most damage.

Historical techniques for dealing with DDoS attacks, such ‘black hole’ routing, stopped all traffic from reaching the DDoS attack target. Whilst ‘black hole’ routing is effective at protecting a site or data centre, it can also achieve the same result as the DDoS attack because it blocks all traffic, whether it is good or bad.

Daisy’s DDoS Protection uses network collectors and threat management systems located at strategic POPs in our IP backbone, to analyse, identify and discard malicious DDoS attack traffic before it reaches a customer’s port. By dropping the malicious traffic in our backbone, the customer’s Internet connection and hosts do not become saturated with DDoS attack traffic and can remain operational, with no loss to business.

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