Out-of-hours mobile support

Out-of-hours mobile support

T: 0333 320 0000
E: ServiceDeskOOH@dcs.tech


We recognise that your mobile fleet is a business-critical asset and that the loss, theft or usability of a device may require support outside of our standard Service Desk operational hours.

With this in mind, we would like to highlight the route for supporting our Mobile services during non-standard Service Desk operating hours, accessed through our out-of-hours Service Desk.

Our out-of-hours Service Desk provides critical level support to our mobile customers, where it matters while maintaining integrity over security at all times. We’re available for Mobile Services support every night, every weekend and thoughout the bank holidays.

Our out-of-hours Service Desk operates during:

  • 17:30 – 8:30 Monday to Friday (including all UK public holidays)
  • 24hrs a day on Saturdays and Sundays (including all UK public holidays)

All support outside of standard operating hours should be accessed via telephone, or email through the out-of-hours support team, who will provide triage support with a limited support capacity outlined below.

You can reach the out-of-hours Service Desk for all Mobile services via the contact points:

What can we support out of hours?

The following support can be provided to authorised contacts:

(Please note that completing SIM swaps and applying or removing call diverts may come at additional cost if continual out-of-hours use is required).

  • Completing SIM swaps
  • Apply or remove call diverts
  • Plus all the actions detailed below

We understand that there may be exceptional requests outside of your business’ standard operating hours, and therefore not able to be completed through your business’ standard authorised routes. Because of this, we have enabled certain emergency support for end-users. Please see the following actions which can be completed if an end-user makes contact with us directly (as well as authorised administrators).

  • Apply a stolen/lost bar to a SIM (see process flow below)
  • Check active network restrictions
  • APN and manual roaming checks (for overseas usage)
  • Report and review mobile connectivity issues

What cannot be supported out of hours?

The out-of-hours Service Desk is primarily focused upon the management of ongoing incidents and servicing contracted support customers. The actions outlined above are deemed business-critical and therefore fall within their remit. All other requests to support your business’ mobile fleet would be handled during normal hours of operation by our Customer Service teams. Requests and actions which should be made during standard operating hours include:

  • IMEI barring of handsets
  • Review and management of billing issues
  • Tariff or base changes
  • Voicemail PIN resets

Lost/stolen bar process

We strongly recommend that in the event where a lost or stolen bar needs to be applied to a mobile number, users do not request the application of any bars directly with the network carrier, such as O2 or Vodafone. It is likely that the request will be rejected by the network carrier, and if bars are successfully applied directly by the network carrier there may then be delays in those bars being removed or amended by Daisy Corporate Services or the network carrier when required at a later date.