Microsoft 365 ? Changing the way we work

As a marketing professional, it?s vital that I fully understand a product before I even begin to attempt to market it. By studying the solution or service in detail I can then identify its main selling points and see where the demand for it is likely to come from.

However, when analysing Microsoft 365, the process was somewhat different?

What is it?

For weeks I watched webinar after webinar and sat through presentation after presentation only to hear the same old message ?Microsoft 365 is Microsoft?s cloud based solution?. Yes, the description was factually true. But as a marketer, it was extremely basic to say the least and offered me no insight into its real potential. It was only until I saw a live demonstration that my understanding of the product completely changed.

Microsoft 365 is a tool which can dramatically change the culture of a business and evolve the way staff work together. It offers accessibility, flexibility and collaboration ? three attributes which every business is striving to achieve. It can change a worth ethic; change a company ethos. But I?ll stop there ? I seem to have returned to the usual ?marketing blurb?.

In order to fully understand the product, you have to get specific.

Remote working

Utilising Microsoft 365 reduces the importance of the ?Head Office?. At a time when remote working is on the rise, the product allows staff to access emails and important documents while on-the-go, ensuring maximum productivity. Staff have the opportunity to seamlessly open and edit documents that are saved in SkyDrive whenever they want, which reduces the reliance on USB sticks!

Alongside Microsoft Lync (brilliant for video conferencing), Microsoft 365 allows managers located across the country to conduct meetings from wherever they are, providing they have an internet connection. Reducing the amount of long commutes employees have to make will ultimately lead to cost savings.


The above examples only scratch the surface of exactly what Microsoft 365 can deliver. It offers so much more. But it?s important that people realise that upgrading to the product doesn?t just mean obtaining the latest version of Word or Excel. Microsoft have genuinely thought about how businesses work, and as a result, have created a product that solves problems encountered on a day-to-day basis.

Embracing cloud-based technology shouldn?t just be a consideration; it should viewed as a necessary purchase.

Don?t view Microsoft 365 as a software upgrade; instead view it as a business upgrade.