Nathan Marke’s 2018 Reseller Predictions


Speaking to CRN, Chief Digital Officer Nathan Marke discusses the opportunities for the channel in 2018.

“Public cloud adoption has reached a tipping point. No longer the realm of the software developer or the funky web app, the functional evolution of all the major public cloud provider platforms, coupled with their landing their platforms in the UK, now enables common or garden workloads to become contenders for transformation.

“In my view, although the market is predicting high growth rates for public cloud, adoption rates will in reality be far higher because UK companies will now consider wholesale rather than single workload moves to public cloud.”

Marke said that when you have something better, faster and cheaper, the pull is unstoppable. Couple this with cost, complexity and regulatory issues faced by IT departments and you have all the conditions for an exponential rise in adoption.

“The outlook for the channel can be really positive, but the channel has to be having the right conversations.”

Nathan’s comments were part of an article published on the CRN website on 15 January 2017.