Let’s Drink to That: Daisy Bins Plastic Cups in a Drive to Cut Plastic


4,000 staff provided with refillable sports bottle to reduce plastic usage.

Nelson-based Daisy Group, the UK’s #1 independent provider of IT, communications and cloud technology, has provided all staff with a refillable sports bottle as part of a campaign to reduce its use of plastic.

In total, c. 4,000 employees across the business’ 30+ sites nationwide have been provided with a new, branded sports bottle, and plastic cups have been completely removed from all locations.

The business calculated that it was using approximately 70,000 single-use plastic cups every year, meaning the introduction of the sports bottles will eliminate the use of 200 plastic cups per day.

The news follows the recent appointment of Matthew Riley – Daisy’s Founder and Chairman – as a founding member of the Ocean Family Foundation. The charity has been created to protect the world’s oceans through a range of marine and ocean-orientated conservation projects.

Matthew Riley said: “Ocean conservation is something I’m very passionate about so it’s great that Daisy is taking steps to minimise its impact on the environment.

“The introduction of reusable sports bottles is just the start of a number of initiatives that we’re looking at to reduce the amount of plastic used across the business.”

The idea to provide sports bottles came through the business’ internal feedback scheme, which enables staff to email suggestions on how to improve business functions directly to Matthew Riley.