Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Daisy Corporate Trading Services Ltd

Daisy aims to be a diverse and inclusive business and we believe our success depends on our people. Capitalising on what is unique about individuals, and drawing on their different perspectives and experiences, will add value to the way we deliver service to our customers and partners.

By accessing, recruiting and developing widely-diverse talent irrespective of gender we can gain an insight into different markets and generate greater creativity in anticipating customer needs.

We are constantly striving to create a productive environment, representative of and responsive to different genders, where everyone has an equal chance to succeed and we welcome the introduction of Gender Pay Gap reporting.

The summary tables below show:

  • Our median and mean gender pay gap (based on hourly rates of pay at a snapshot date of 5 April 2019) and bonus and commission pay gap (based on bonuses paid over a 12 month period ending 5 April 2019);
  • The gender distribution across 4 equally divided quartiles and
  • The proportion receiving bonus or commission pay (based on bonuses paid over a 12 month period ending 5 April 2019).

We know we have some work to do to reduce the gender pay gap but we are committed to providing a fair workplace for all of our colleagues. Like many IT/telecommunications businesses, our gender profile means that we have a pay gap which reflects the number of men in senior roles and STEM roles compared to the number of women. We have 3 times more men than women in the business.

Pay (snapshot)

2018 2019
Mean Median Mean Median
38.4% 37.6% 22.5% 34.5%

Bonus (YTD)

2018 2019
Mean Median Mean Median
47.3% 45.7% 56.2% 66.8%


Top Quartile Upper Middle Quartile Lower Middle Quartile Lowe Quartile
Male 97.1%; 2.9% Female Male 79.4%; 20.6% Female Male 91.2%; 8.8% Female Male 63.8%; 36.2% Female
Top Quartile Upper Middle Quartile Lower Middle Quartile Lower Quartile
Male 88.4%; 11.6% Female Male 82.6; Female 17.4% Male 70%; 30% Female Male 63.2%; 36.8% Female

Proportion of Males & Females Receiving Bonus

2018 2019
Male Female Male Female
27% 19.1% 40.8% 46.8%

Commentary on the figures including comparison to 2018:

  • On average men are paid 22.5% more than women
  • The median hourly rate for men is 34.5% higher than for women
  • There has been a slight widening of the year to date mean & median figures however there has been a significant improvement in the mean figure from 38.4% to 22.5% proving the strategies put in place since the inception of Gender Pay Gap reporting are starting to work
  • The split of quartiles has improved slightly with the top quartile now having 11.6% women compared to just 2.9% last year
  • The proportion of males and females narrowed in comparison to last year

Whilst we are aware that there is still work to do with closing our GPG a review of our figures reveals that progress is being made when this issue is looked at holistically and initiative will continue in the medium and long term to improve this.

To this end a list of initiatives that are currently underway that should help improve our GPG statistics:

  • 3 University Partnerships with UCLAN, Leeds University and Leeds Beckett University.
  • The business has 44 live apprenticeships
  • Launching formal graduate and intern programmes
  • Million Makers- Women in Tech – High Tea in IT event
  • STEM Ambassadors

As a footnote, Daisy IT Managed Services was consolidated into Daisy Corporate Services Trading Ltd and the employees of it transferred to Corporate Services Trading Ltd.

I declare that our data has been calculated according to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Damien Russell

HR Director – Daisy Corporate Services Trading Ltd

March 2019