Daisy achieves highest Mitel accreditation

Business communications provider Daisy Group plc has been awarded the highest level of channel reseller accreditation by Mitel.

Daisy is one of only a handful of organisations in the UK to achieve signaturePARTNER status, which recognises excellence in product delivery and burgeoning sales capability.

The company was able to achieve the accreditation by meeting a number of set criteria such as sales and technical training across the full Mitel solutions portfolio, demonstrating customer satisfaction, a growing customer reference programme, as well as revenue commitment.
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Rural Business and Broadband

If your business is located in a rural area, then your chances of getting access to a high-speed broadband internet connection are reduced. This is due to a number of economic and technical factors, which will be discussed in depth below. However, the good news for businesses in remote locations is that you can find bespoke broadband packages that are specifically tailored to suit your needs and overcome many of the issues which might arise if you pick a generic package from a mainstream provider.

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Do Your Homework Before You Buy

Any businessperson should know that going into a sales situation without doing your homework can end up being costly, particularly if you are the one doing the buying. Investing in a new phone system is no different, because you will want to put yourself in a position of power so that your money works for you and you are presented with a solution that works out in the long term, not just the immediate present.

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Unified Communications on iPad

The Apple iPad is a hit with both consumers and business users, but now a unified communications (UC) app is being launched by Avaya, in order to make collaboration far easier on a tablet platform.

The Avaya Flare Communicator application is available to download from the App Store direct to any iPad and will link up this high end tablet to a range of services, including instant messaging, VoIP and even email.

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Actor Investigates Automated Telephone Systems

Actor Richard Wilson, most famous for his role as Victor Meldrew in BBC sitcom One Foot in the Grave, has been looking into the growing use of automated telephone systems amongst UK businesses. Many people claim the practice is damaging the quality of customer service and causing problems with the interaction between businesses and their clients.

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