Enterprises looking beyond the cloud in 2013

A new report from Accenture has outlined seven key trends that will define enterprise IT over the course of 2013 and into the future.

One of the major points raised in the study is that businesses in the UK and elsewhere are now looking to see what lies beyond the promised land of cloud computing. It is not the case that companies are seeking to ditch the cloud in favour of the latest fad, but are rather looking to map out their progression to the adoption of new technologies, subsequent to cloud integration.
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London to host Unified Communications Expo

Next Tuesday will see the start of the Unified Communications Expo, which is hosted at Olympia in London and will feature a number of keynote speakers discussing the current state of the marketplace and the shape that it might take in the future.

On the first day of the expo, the main speaker will be Microsoft’s Dave Coplin, who is currently the Chief Envisioning Officer for the software giant.
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Protect Your Business with Mobile Call Recording

As part of a recent list of regulatory updates, the FSA now requires that businesses governed by its rulings must use mobile-call recording in order to remain compliant.

While this may seem like an unfair encroachment by the FSA, in reality mobile-call recording will be a real benefit to various companies for a number of reasons. Here are just a few examples of how the new regulations will work in favour of your business.

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FSA Mobile Regulation

New mobile and data recording deadline looming, says Daisy Group plc
Daisy Group plc, a leading unified communications provider, is warning Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulated firms to act fast before new rules on mobile call recording come into force this year.

Whilst in the past, organisations in sectors such as healthcare, financial services and government were legally obliged to record calls on fixed lines, it?s only since the technology has developed that the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has widened the net to include mobile recordings.

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