The Warranty Group

Optimised solutions

for effective call management

The Background

The Warranty Group is one of the world’s premier global providers of warranty solutions and related benefits, with operations in more than 35 countries and nearly 1,700 employees. The Warranty Group is a single-source solution that provides underwriting, claims administration, and marketing expertise to some of the world’s leading manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of consumer goods, as well as specialty insurance products and services for financial institutions. With more than 50 years of experience and more than $5 billion in assets.

The Challenge

In order to consolidate its property portfolio, The Warranty Group (TWG) decided to close two of its call centres – Harrow and Kingston, and replace them with a larger site based in Gloucester. The Warranty Group wanted full control with the ability to not only route the calls to a chosen site, but also to adjust the volume of calls that were sent to the new site, as full training hadn’t happened as yet.

The Solution

After consultation with The Warranty Group, Daisy designed a solution with them which would provide control and flexibility. The chosen system allows users to create different routing plans depending on a wide variety of different parameters – for example, time of day, call volume, bank holidays etc. Gloucester was a new site with new staff, so it was important not to route too many calls there until training had reached a certain level. The system allowed The Warranty Group to route the calls on a ratio basis to Kingston or Harrow. As the new centre’s employees became more experienced, a greater percentage of calls could then be routed to Gloucester.

The Result

With the presence of the 24/7 network operations centre team both Daisy and TWG have visibility and the ability to react as soon as issues are raised regarding the systems at any time of the day. TWG has been assigned a service manager and dedicated desk-based support manager. This team ensures that Daisy remains accountable for the delivery throughout the life of the contract. In addition to seamless redeployment of resources and minimal downtimes, drip-feeding calls into the new centre allowed new members of staff to become confident with the system, while not risking large volumes of calls on an otherwise inexperienced team. The flexible nature of the solution meant that tests and training sessions could be managed effectively, while never once affecting the level of service its customers demand.