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After speaking with Daisy, its staff were able to analyse our requirements and deliver a full suite of solutions that fully support the infrastructure of Ellis Brigham today

Robert Brigham, Ellis Brigham Managing Director

The Background

Established in 1933, Ellis Brigham is the UK’s leading independent outdoor sports retailer. The business has grown from a small specialist boot seller to a household name, which today sponsors and employs professional skiers and snowboarders.

Ellis Brigham currently has 24 stores located across the UK, with over 500 employees who are all experts and passionate about outdoor activities. The retailer also runs a comprehensive website www.ellis-brigham.com, which deals with many thousands of transactions every day.

The Challenge

Despite already running a long-established and successful business, Ellis Brigham’s Managing Director, Robert Brigham, realised he needed to bring his business in line with 21st century models and change its way of working to keep pace with the market.

With multiple stores and thousands of customer transactions each day, the IT infrastructure needed to ensure that staff could collaborate efficiently, cost effectively and ultimately improve the overall business strategy.

Robert Brigham explained: “Having been in existence since the early part of the last century, we had a certain way of doing things. However, at the start of 2013 we recognised that we needed to dramatically transform our on-site technology to create a sustainable operational model.

“After speaking with Daisy, its staff were able to analyse our requirements and deliver a full suite of solutions that fully support the infrastructure of Ellis Brigham today.”

The Solution

After analysing the businesses’ requirements, Daisy proposed the provision of a full suite of communications solutions for Ellis Brigham. The breadth of services include a fleet of business-specific mobiles, providing the connectivity that powers the stores’ EPoS systems and market-leading IP telephony that has helped to improve internal communication.

Daisy also powers everything the retailer does to interact with its customers, from credit card transactions to answering phone calls and hosting its website. In addition, Daisy also provides a hosted platform that sits within the cloud, meaning Ellis Brigham is able to purchase individual email accounts from Daisy.

Robert Brigham said: “Our IT infrastructure is now hosted off-site in secure and reliable data centres, which Daisy monitor and maintain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; taking the logistical headache away from us.

“In line with our website revamp, we now also have the required capacity and capability to host an industry-leading site as latency has improved and customers have a better experience.”

The Result

As a result of implementing the solutions, Ellis Brigham has achieved its primary objective and realised greater communication between staff. Robert said: “The speed of the network we run on is extremely quick, enabling us to bring telephones onto IP and that’s definitely increased positive communication between sites.

“Prior to the solutions, we had the systems and traditional analogue lines in place, but they were grinding to a halt. The ones we have now are scalable, future-proof and most importantly possess the capacity to grow alongside our business.”

Describing Daisy’s involvement, Robert added: “We certainly can’t fault the effort and dedication Daisy has put in to helping us to turn our vision into a reality. We thought we were doing everything we could, but there’s always something new; we now have a platform to say ‘yes’ to new functionality. Daisy’s support throughout our business transformation has been brilliant and we hope to continue working with them for a long time to come.”

The Future

Having already successfully provided a range of products and services, Daisy is now analysing further opportunities to continue to support Ellis Brigham.

Robert added: “We are currently trialling a Wi-Fi solution in our Covent Garden store in London, which receives our highest footfall in the country. The idea being that if it proves a success, which we will determine from customer feedback, we will install the solution in the other 23 stores we have located across the UK.”