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The website is not merely a source of information about the museum, but a real insight into the collection and a natural extension of our core purpose, so it is vital we have a hosting platform that can deliver. Our account team at Daisy has remained consistent and this has been invaluable throughout implementation, as has their public sector experience.

Jason Greeves, IT Infrastructure Manager, at The British Museum

The Background

The British Museum holds in trust for the nation, and the world, a collection of art and antiquities from ancient and living cultures. The museum’s collection is one of the finest in existence spanning two million years of human history, which is freely accessible to the public.

The Challenge

As the centre for so much ancient knowledge and artefacts, The British Museum has a duty to make its collections freely accessible for public use. To help them do this, the organisation required a hosting platform for its website which would allow people all over the world access to, not just the museum’s collections, but also the cultures and territories that they represent.

Following the managed web platform which Daisy implemented for the customer in 2007, The British Museum required an update to improve the original set-up, refreshing both the hardware and the software involved. The existing platform had become outdated and was no longer meeting the business’ needs.

The Solution

To cater to The British Museum’s requirements, Daisy proposed the implementation of a seven server hosting platform; including two web servers, one search engine server, a highly available database cluster and active directory servers. The public-facing internet servers were supported using F5 local traffic managers for distributing and load balancing internet traffic when the website
is busy.

The content management server ensures that thousands of images can be efficiently stored and accessed rapidly via its website.

To heighten the customer’s website security, Daisy implemented and provided management of the museum’s firewall environment.

The Result

Daisy successfully completed the project to meet the customer’s strict six week deadline. Whilst setting up the platform, Daisy overcame any technical issues that were experienced during the set-up of its server infrastructure, at the same time making proactive recommendations for possible improvements in other areas. Daisy created a fully-integrated hosting environment to showcase the museum’s collections. This site was also linked seamlessly into the other areas of the museum’s business, including the online store.

The Future

The British Museum is also working with Daisy to implement other services utilising the CloudSelect™ virtual hosting platform.