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Control and optimise your cloud strategy with Daisy

Join Daisy for a workshop event where we work through the best practises, foundations and risk mitigation opportunities of digital transformation that give you the best chance to transform your business and design your perfect cloud environment.

With real-life examples of change from businesses like yours, it promises to be an engaging and worth-while event, delivering insight to take back to the boardroom. The workshop details can be found below or complete the form to get in touch to discuss your cloud requirement.

Additional dates to be announced later in 2018 – check back here for more details.

Thinking of trying Microsoft Azure? Try it now with Daisy!

No single cloud solution fits all. Daisy can help you design your perfect cloud environment and if that includes public cloud, we’ll give you a helping-hand.

If you’re not sure about your cloud strategy, how to get started, or if cloud is even suitable for your business, Daisy can help. Our Cloud Control process will walk you through everything, from what to put in the cloud all the way through to a blueprint for deployment.

If you know exactly where you want to go and just need help, talk to our cloud specialists and we can get you there quickly and easily with Microsoft Azure. As a data centre transformation and optimisation specialist, Daisy is ideally placed with the right skill-sets to turn your cloud dreams into cloud realities.

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Azure provides a wide range of virtual machine (VM) sizes and images, enabling buyers to choose the best deployment options for their environment. The benefits include:

  • Broad support for Open Source Software (OSS)
  • Pay-as-you-go, consumption pricing options
  • Commitment to match AWS pricing
  • Hybrid use rights—provide the ability to leverage existing investments
Azure offers numerous networking services to build sophisticated network topologies and extend on-premise or data centres to the cloud. The benefits include:

  • Load balancers, traffic managers, and powerful content delivery networks for superior performance
  • High throughput, low latency, resilient
  • ExpressRoute connection options
  • The ability to leverage MPLS investments in Azure
  • Free ingress (unlimited) and free egress (first 5GB)
Azure delivers durable, highly available, and massively scalable storage options – Blob, Queue, File, and Disk – that keep pace with explosive data growth. The benefits include:

  • Support for up to 80,000 Input/outputs operations per second (IOPs)
  • Cost-effective solution for nearline, online and highly available business needs
  • Locally redundant storage (3 locations)
  • Geo-redundancy option
  • Managed Disks – Let Azure decide the best format for your data

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