Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Industry leading business continuity, resilience, data protection & recovery

Business Continuity

Our availability services keep your organisation resilient, available and recoverable at every stage of your digital journey. As well as delivering industry-leading business continuity, we also add value to your business-as-usual. This flexibility is ‘built-in’ to our services. It means you can manage peaks in demand, staff training, testing and development of new technology, and so on.

FlexConnect – Network Connectivity

  • Resilient and secure network communications
  • Secure and managed firewalls
  • Safe Haven clean networks
  • Contact centre expansion
FlexPlace – Work Area Recovery (WAR)

  • Safe Haven cyberattack management
  • Workplace recovery
  • Office on-demand
  • eOffice and VDI
  • Planned and unplanned use
FlexTech – IT Disaster Recovery

  • Safe Haven cyberattack on-premise management
  • DR systems recovery, to site
  • Capacity on-demand
  • eOffice and VDI
  • Planned and unplanned use
FlexData – Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

  • eBackup – Essentials, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus
  • eStorage
  • eArchive
  • Data Insight
  • Full data resilience and off-site data compliance
FlexConsult – Business Continuity Management (BCM)

  • Business availability planning
  • Business Continuity Managed Services
  • Shadow-Planner, SaaS and Managed Services (BCaaS)
  • Availability readiness consulting

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  • Leading UK pub enterprise achieves assured data availability and huge cost savings for data protection
  • Aerospace component manufacturer reduces its recovery time objective (RTO) to one hour
  • City investment management company adds resilience to its new storage platform implementation
  • Scottish engineering company minimises data loss and improves recovery time
  • UK’s largest dental insurance provider consolidates six solutions to one for data protection and recovery
  • UK re-insurance business takes recovery time from 72 hours to 9 hours
  • Staff at an entrepreneurial asset management company use FlexPlace to avoid disruption from on-going rail strikes
  • Leading financial services company upscales to manage unprecedented inbound call levels following Brexit vote
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Yes, it can be confusing. We always spell out acronyms in full the first instance they are used. Here is a run down of the most common acronyms used and what they mean:

A business continuity plan sets out processes to respond, recover and resume operations to a predefined level following any disruption that impacts on the way the business operates, for any length of time. A disaster recovery plan is predominantly concerned with the recovery of the business’ critical technology and provides procedures for managing the recovery of IT and communication services and supporting the business following disruption of these services. A disaster recovery plan can be part of a business continuity plan – but not the other way around!
Has your IT department put together a backup and recovery planning regime?
This will ensure your systems and data are resilient, and for many organisations it is the first thing that is considered when ensuring resiliency, but what about the rest of the business? Unless you are an IT company, your systems and data are there simply to support your key business activities, click the following button to see what you also need to consider.

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“By having the support of Daisy’s business continuity managed services, we can leave any day-to-day management to them.”
Martin Brazier, Business Continuity Manager at Capita

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Business Continuity tailored to your business

Corporate & Public Sector

Daisy delivers availability services that meet the requirements of mid-market, corporate, public sector and enterprise customers across every industry.

We know that one of your biggest challenges is to employ suitable continuity and resilience services to meet regulations and protect your organisation. We also know that you need these services to actively support and enable digital opportunities.

You need to be able to adapt to change at pace to maintain your competitive edge, meet evolving customer needs, whether this is via a complete digital transformation or seizing technology that will enable fresh opportunities.

Our Business Continuity Awards

Business Continuity Management Planning Software of the Year 2018

Excellence in Business Continuity in Industry (with HomeServe) 2018

Continuity & Resilience Consultant of the Year 2017

Business Continuity Management Planning Software of the Year 2016

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